Abbyshire farm  is located in Duncan BC, Canada.


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The Friesian Horse

The Friesian Horse has been known across Europe for centuries. During the Middle Ages they where used by knights in armour, who prized them for their courage, athleticism and durability. The Shire horse was also used to carry knights in armour.

To that end we selectively bred our very own ultimate WAR HORSE----1/2 Shire, 1/2 Friesian, RYKER. We are truly blessed every day with his willing heart, kindness and overall presence.

In 2007 we imported ULKE JILDERT SPORT our athletic sporty KFPS Registered Stallion. Ulke was then registered with the Canadian Friesian Horse Association (CFHA). In 2014 he attended his second formal inspection where he scored high enough to be recommended to attend the 50 day stallion performance test. In March 2017 Ulke received formal approval as a foundation breeding stallion for the CFHA.

The photo above is the Arabo-Friesian  gelding “Willy”